Monday, 5 March 2007

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Don't you just hate those 'Baby on Board' signs that people stick in their car windows. I mean, what are they for? As a device to alert other road users that you have a child in the car and so please take extra precautions not to ram into the back of me they aren't going to work, if they did then you'd get a discount on your car insurance and everyone would display them baby or not. Nobody knowingly drives dangerously and so they won't change their driving habits at the sight of such a sign and those that actually do drive dangerously close are going to be to arrogant to even care anyway. Often the sign isn't even in the rear window but in the side window next to the child seat, what's that for - to stop someone ramming you at a T-junction?

No, the real reason people put these signs in the car is to say 'look at me, I'm a responsible parent', it's all about self congratulation. Something odd happens to some people once they have children, it's almost as if they become members of some special club with all that that involves, special handshakes, knowing nods, strange ways of talking and special signs to let everyone know they're a member.

Most people are actually too stupid to even realise what's happening to them, they'll see the Baby on Board sign for sale in Halfords or somewhere and because they've been brainwashed by the rest of the club they just can't help themselves and they have to buy one otherwise how on earth can they considered worthy parents. I don't know who invented the sign but it was a piece of brilliance, such an easy way to extract money from the mindless masses.

Of course some people get afflicted a lot more than others and those who have it really bad go that little bit further and buy a cutesie sign that says 'Princess on Board' or 'Naughty Boy on Board', these people should have been sterilised.

OK, moan over.


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