Thursday, 12 April 2007

PostHeaderIcon Being Gary Lynch

I'm not the only Gary Lynch, the World is full of us. I get bizarre emails from people asking such things as "are you the famous brain surgeon Gary Lynch" or "are you the Gary Lynch who's the great-grandparent of Jim McKenzie from Wokakabootoo Falls, Ontario" - that's a made up place name by the way. These people must have found my email address by doing a web search and ending up at this website. So you have to wonder how fucking stupid these people must be, having seen this website, to then ask "are you the famous brain surgeon Gary Lynch"! Interestingly it's only Americans that email me.

So if you've arrived here looking for Gary Lynch then please take a look at the photo at the top right, does that look like the person you're looking for? If on the other hand you're another Gary Lynch then 'Hi', welcome to the club.

Having Googled 'Gary Lynch' myself I must admit the other Gary Lynch's seem to have a much more interesting life than I. There's the famous surfer Gary Lynch, there's Judge Gary Lynch, there's the Gay Games figure skating bronze medalist Gary Lynch and many more. Oddly the majority of them seem to work in either law enforcement or psychiatry/neuroscience but one thing we've all got in common is grey hair. Must be the pressure of being Gary Lynch.

Anyway, according to the oracle of all things (i.e. Google) there is only one number one and that's me


Anonymous said...

I think this is the first time I have ever been mentioned in a blog. Thanks Gary for recognizing me.

Kind regards,
Gary Lynch, the bronze medalist

bibliognost said...

I read your blog entry on being Gary Lynch, and I
agree entirely. (And I wish to be the first
American to state that I have absolutely no
trouble telling us apart.)

When I was studying engineering (in the American
mid-West--long before the Internet), there were
in the same town 2 other Gary Lynches (not sure
about the spelling there) who:
- Owned a boat shop,
- Studied pre-law & taught math AT THE SAME

On several occasions young students would call me
at home, starting with "Mr. Lynch, I'm in your
7:40 calculus class...." to which I wanted to
scream "No, you're not!"

When opening a new checking account I once
questioned the clerk's need to know my Social
Security Number. She turned the tube around to
show that they had over 20 customers named Gary

Like you, I have searched for the name on-line
and found (in addition to the ones you pointed
- The securities attorney & fraud prosecutor
- The U-Cal Irvine researcher & expert on
Alzheimer's disease,0,5913608.htmlstory

As for the "pressure of being Gary Lynch" I will
admit that I, too, have succumbed to the gray
hair syndrome:

but that also goes with raising kids through
teenagerhood, bouncing back from a layoff every
couple of years, and not dropping dead at 42.

Perhaps we need a support group, or a 12-step
program to deal with this shared affliction.

On the other hand, we could thank our lucky stars
we're not named John Smith. :-)

Illegitimi non carborundum
Gary Lynch, the EE/columnist/single dad

gary lynch said...

you are right about the grey hair

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