Friday, 6 April 2007

PostHeaderIcon The True Cost of HDTV

I recently decided the time was right to take the plunge into HDTV now that a lot of manufacturers are producing Full HD (1080p) screens at reasonable prices. The deciding factor though was the purchase of new sofas which meant the bulky CRT TV looked out of place in it's new position in the lounge.

Having made this decision I choose a 37 inch Sharp LC-37XD1E LCD screen which had had good reviews and was I thought a reasonable £1100. Of course I knew there would be additional costs involved but I never really paused to add up what the true cost of buying into HDTV would be.

First I needed a stand to put the TV on, but it couldn't be any old stand it had to be the one that matched my hifi rack, so that was another £300.

I needed a HDMI lead to replace the SCART lead connecting my DVD player to the TV, another £20.

Obviously a HDTV requires a HD source so I had to upgrade my Sky+ to Sky HD, that was another £290 for the box and another £120 per year in subscription fees.

I soon discovered that Sky HD boxes can be incompatible with some LCD TV's as they radiate infra-red light that interferes with the remote control! I eventually found a solution to this by buying a IR 'magic eye', another £5.

Not content with just the limited HDTV offerings on Sky you start looking around for other HD sources and so decided it would be a great excuse to get an XBOX 360, another £290.

When the XBOX arrived I didn't realise the wireless networking wasn't built in, so the wireless adapter was another £55.

I then discovered that my Internet router was not compatible with XBOX Live which meant reconfiguring my whole wireless network and buying a new router, another £42.

And another £40 for XBOX Live subscription.

So, all in all my £1100 TV purchase actually ended up costing me (1100 + 300 + 20 + 290 + 120 + 5 + 290 + 55 + 42 + 40) £2262! More than double - not quite the bargain I originally thought.

Of course that doesn't include the additional cost of XBOX games and other accessories plus the costs of an HD-DVD player which I'm bound to buy sooner rather than later.


Big Steve and Little Jan said...

But I notice there's no REGRET there! We'll be round as soon as we can to play with all these toys.

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