Thursday, 31 May 2007

PostHeaderIcon Day 9

I took time off work to wait for the BT engineer to arrive. He ran a number of tests on the line but said he couldn’t find anything wrong but will check a few things at the exchange.

I went back to work and when I got home later that evening the broadband was off completely. After about half an hour of failing to get it to sync I reported the problem to Demon who said they couldn’t yet comment because BT hadn’t updated their notes. It came back on after about 50mins of being off.
Wednesday, 30 May 2007

PostHeaderIcon Day 8 - Week 2

The line now was quite stable and synching at 8MB but the throughput I was getting was only 500K, it appeared to be throttled. I reported this to Demon and they ask that I ran a speed test from the website and this confirmed that BT had the IP Profile set at 500K.
Demon then agreed to send an engineer to resolve the problem.

I had this email from Demon:
--------- LATEST NOTE --------
Date: 30/05/2007

BT have contacted us regarding your broadband fault on
number 02920866729 and advised they have agreed to send an engineer to your premesis to investigate. To avoid any further delays we have booked the earliest appointment BT have available which is for thusday 31st between 1pm and 6pm.

If this appointment is not suitable, if you can contact us at your earliest convenience, we can rearrange this for you.
Monday, 28 May 2007

PostHeaderIcon Day 6

Over the weekend the broadband settled down a bit and was only dropping every few hours but the line was synching at around 1 – 2 MB and the actual throughput I was getting was much less. Before the problems began I was synching at 8MB and getting a full 8MB throughput.
Friday, 25 May 2007

PostHeaderIcon Day 3

Demon rang in the morning saying they think my problem is probably to do with the timeout settings on my router! I explained to them that I don’t have a timeout set and it was going down constantly when the line was in use and so it couldn’t be timing out. They wanted to do all the same tests I’d done a few times on the previous day, exchange the filters try a different router etc.

They eventually said OK then they’ll report the problem to BT. I was told yesterday that the problem was being reported to BT but obviously that wasn’t true.
Thursday, 24 May 2007

PostHeaderIcon Day 2

The ADSL was still continuing to drop so I did all the usual checks to make sure the fault wasn't with my internal cabling, router or micro filter etc. I then rang Demon (my ISP) to report the fault.

When you ring Demon technical support you get through to a call center in India and they're not at all helpful. They have to assume you have no technical expertise and they take you through a series of scripted procedures all of which I'd already done.

I had to ring them four times before they'd admit to there being a line fault. They then said they'd report it to BT but BT could take 40 working hours (5 working days) to resolve the fault.
Wednesday, 23 May 2007

PostHeaderIcon Day 1

I first noticed a problem with my ADSL in the morning when my radio (it's a wifi radio that plays stations streamed from the Internet) kept cutting out and on investigation I noticed my broadband router kept losing it's sync to the exchange.

These problems continued throught the day and night. The line would drop it's connection every 10 minutes or so which makes using the Internet very frustrating.
Thursday, 3 May 2007

PostHeaderIcon Hotdoll - the sex toy for dogs!

It's amazing the things you stumble upon on the web, this really made me laugh and I thought it should be shared. I wasn't sure if it was a joke at first, but no it is a genuine product.

According to the product designers description at
A dog is an animal with an enormous sexual appetite which can't be controlled. Many methods consist of artificial ways to stop dogs inborn character. These methods like castration or meds are going against the natural laws. Hotdoll is a natural (and beneficial for dog's health) way to control its sexual impulses.

This love doll for dogs is shaped to be grabbed easily by the dog's paws like female hips. Hotdoll is designed in 2 sizes to be used by little dogs and by big ones! Its contrasted colours are made to be easily distinguished by dogs eyes. The body is made by a plastic structure covered with a 1 cm technogel skin to create a soft and molle touch.

All orange parts are made of rubber, that way the dog grips on the floor. The pink hole behind (most important part!) needs to be washed regularly for hygienic reasons. Once clean you can apply some female odour spray on it (the spray is an accessory) several times per month, when your dog seems sexually hungry or nervous.


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