Wednesday, 30 May 2007

PostHeaderIcon Day 8 - Week 2

The line now was quite stable and synching at 8MB but the throughput I was getting was only 500K, it appeared to be throttled. I reported this to Demon and they ask that I ran a speed test from the website and this confirmed that BT had the IP Profile set at 500K.
Demon then agreed to send an engineer to resolve the problem.

I had this email from Demon:
--------- LATEST NOTE --------
Date: 30/05/2007

BT have contacted us regarding your broadband fault on
number 02920866729 and advised they have agreed to send an engineer to your premesis to investigate. To avoid any further delays we have booked the earliest appointment BT have available which is for thusday 31st between 1pm and 6pm.

If this appointment is not suitable, if you can contact us at your earliest convenience, we can rearrange this for you.


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