Wednesday, 6 June 2007

PostHeaderIcon Day 15 - Week 3

I had this email from Demon:

--------- LATEST NOTE --------
Date: 06/06/2007

BT have contacted us regarding your broadband fault and
advised that they have identified an issue with the exterior cabling between yourself and the exchange.

Engineers are currently investigating and we will update you as soon as any further information is available.

The BT engineer arrived, did a lot of work with the cabling in the street and put me on a spare line that was coming into the house. I now had new copper all the way from the house to the exchange and my broadband burst into life and I was getting proper speeds that I was obtaining before all the problems started!

The engineer still wasn’t happy with the last bit of cable leading to the house and made arrangements for someone to dig up the road to run new cables. He also gave me his mobile number and said if there were anymore problems then to ring him direct.

The broadband was working fine all evening and then died completely late at night.


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