Thursday, 7 June 2007

PostHeaderIcon Day 16

I rang the engineer that came the previous day on his mobile to report the problem and he said he’d come around in the afternoon to look at it. I took the afternoon of work (for the 4th time) to wait for him but he never showed.

The ADSL was now synching with the exchange, at ever decreasing speeds but no data at all will transmit/receive on the line.

Later that evening the phone started doing weird things. A few times it rang and when I picked it up I could hear someone else pick up their phone and we were both saying “hello, hello” as if both our phones had rang. I tried reporting this to BT but when I picked up the phone I could hear other people dialling numbers and recorded messages saying ‘the number you have called has not been recognised’. I eventually got through to BT and they weren’t very helpful saying there isn’t a lot they can do whilst the order to run new cables to the house is outstanding.


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