Wednesday, 13 June 2007

PostHeaderIcon Day 22 - Week 4

We had broadband first thing in the morning as my wifi radio alarm worked, though the bandwidth was so low there wasn't even enough to stream Virgin Radio which streams as 128K MP3 but Radio 1 was OK with just 20K WMA.

By about 7AM the ADSL died yet again and it has been off all day.

The BT engineer who came out last rang me today and said the contractors would be out tomorrow to dig the trench and lay the ducting to my house. He will then hopefully be able to lay the new cables tomorrow or Friday.

He also told me that my problem with the crossed line was something to do with TalkTalk, who share the same equipment in the exchange as my ISP (Demon), and who had a major hardware fault affecting 1000 customers.


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