Sunday, 24 June 2007

PostHeaderIcon Day 33

Things aren't good. The broadband connection continued to die for an hour or two each evening and last night it went off and is still off today!

I reported it to Demon last night who fobbed me off with it was probably BT doing work at the exchange and to call back today if there were still problems. I rang them back this morning and they did a line test and said there's a fault and they've reported it to BT. So we're no further forward than we were 33 days ago.

There's a slight change in the nature of the problem. Previously the DSL LED on the router would flash continuously whilst it tried to connect, now it doesn't flash at all which I think means it can't even see the DSL on the line.

NEWS FLASH! As I'm typing this the ADSL has come back on, I don't expect it'll be up for long though.


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