Thursday, 27 September 2007

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The other day I used the recently refurbished toilets in work, I don't use them that often as they're not a pleasant experience. They're too small, hot, humid and they usually smell - I don't think the ventilation in there must work properly or it's not adequate. Either way it's daft considering we're a ventilation company.

Well anyway, whilst I was in there I noticed something that I hadn't noticed up until now. One of the ceiling tiles has been replaced with a piece of clear perspex so you can see the ducted extract fan working above the suspended ceiling. There is also a spot light that can be switched on to illuminate the fan!

Clearly this has been designed as an exhibit to show visitors. It makes you wonder why? Who gets a tour of these facilities and when? Is there a procedure in place for checking nobody is using the toilets before inviting visitors in? And on checking what if they decide it's just a bit too pongy to show someone around - do they move on to the next toilets? As I mentioned above they are afterall working toilets and as such not that pleasant, they're very small with only enough space for one person outside of the two cramped cubicles. And God help them if they show someone around when it's curry day in the canteen!

I think the question you have to ask the most though is - who on earth had the idea to do this and why was everyone else involved to gutless to tell them how ridiculous an idea it was?


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