Saturday, 14 March 2009

PostHeaderIcon Who is Singapore Gary?

Who is Singapore Gary? It's not me! I wrote in a past blog post about the amount of traffic that ends up here as the result of people searching for the other GLs out there and the incredulity that some people even have to ask if I'm the GL they're looking for. I like to keep tabs on what search terms drive people to this site and often find their queries quite amusing and sometimes downright bizarre. Of course it doesn't help having things like Hotdoll - the sex toy for dogs! mentioned but in the past 24 hours there has been a rush of people from all over Malaysia and Singapore landing on this site after searching for 'Singapore Gary Blog' or 'Singapore Gary Sex Video'. So who is Singapore Gary and what has he done to become an overnight celebrity in Malaysia and Singapore? Maybe I shouldn't ask!

I now know who Singapore Gary is click here.


Nick Webroyalty said...

Very good posting. I just love it.
Good luck man with your work.

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