Tuesday, 19 January 2010

PostHeaderIcon Time to Blow the Dust Off Things

About a year ago I wrote that this blog didn't get updated enough and and in future I'd make an effort to write more often. Well that turned out to be bollocks didn't it? To be honest 2009 was a strange year for me and not very conducive to keeping this blog updated. After 16 years of being together, Emma and I split up and I wasn't in the best frame of mind to contribute to this frivolity. Anyways, that was then and this is now so I think it's time I started things back up again. Having said that I've actually got bugger all to say at the moment other than 'watch this space.'


Erica said...

Sorry to hear about you and Emma. How're things for you otherwise. I hear you about not blogging for ages. Once I got to Australia things sort of just stopped. It doesn't help that the tiny town I live in we can't get cable internet. It was either satellite or nothing. But now we're on broad band or something or other that's decidedly faster and I can actually look around again with out wanting to punch the computer out for lack of speed. Anyway, take care and I will be visiting more often again.

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