Friday, 5 February 2010

PostHeaderIcon This Blog is Dead, Long Live This Blog

No sooner had I said that this blog was going to get updated more often then Google went and put a bloody spanner in the works. You see, I use Google's Blogger platform to maintain this blog but then publish it to my own web server rather than have Google host it for me. Doing it this way allows me to customise it in ways that I couldn't if Google hosted for me. But now Google have decided to stop supporting the publishing to other servers and from the end of March all Blogger blogs will have to be hosted on Google's servers. This blog will not work on Google's servers because there is just too much server-side scripting embedded in it.

So I am left with a few choices, either ditch Blogger in favour of some other blogging platform, recreate the site in such a way that it will work with Blogger or do it all manually. Whichever option I choose it is going to cause me a tremendous amount of work to get it fully working. Damn you Google.

Anyway I think I've decided to stick with Blogger, there are some advantages to doing so, it does mean though that over the coming weeks this blog may be offline or not quite working as it should but hopefully in the end it'll be all the better for it.

This blog has now been almost completely moved over to a Blogger hosted solution. There are still a few issues I need to sort out but at least I'm back in business.


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