Wednesday, 1 September 2010

PostHeaderIcon Photos: Weekend at Pauls, August 2010

Another weekend of eating and drinking in the relaxed surrounds of Paul's house. This time it was to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

PostHeaderIcon Photos: British Grand Prix 2010

Some photos from the F1 British Grand 2010 at Silverstone.

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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

PostHeaderIcon I'm in for a filling. No you're not.

I've written before about the other Gary Lynch's that are out there but today my path crossed with one of them in a most unexpected way.

I had a dental appointment for a filling as a consequence of a checkup I had a couple of weeks ago. The dentist, the same lady who saw me just a couple of weeks ago, called me into the surgery and sat me down in the chair. She proceeded to get out all the tools of her trade that she'd need to do me with and started asking a few questions. You have to pay close attention to what she says as she's an Eastern European lady who's English isn't perfect but it was very apparent that it wasn't a filling she was expecting to do to me! I said to her "I'm in for a filling." "No you're not." she replied. "Yes I am" I said, pulling out of my pocket the form she'd completed on my last visit showing the treatment I'd need.

She handed the form to her nurse/interpreter who looked at it a bit confused then looked at the computer then back to the form, then back to the computer. After a few moments of head scratching and key bashing it became apparent they had another Gary Lynch with a very similar date of birth as a patient and his records had been put against my name and vice versa. So anyway, she had to pack up all her tools, get a different set out and she did finally give me the filling I needed.

After my treatment was over I went to see the receptionist to book my next appointment, "Oh, how unusual" she said, "we have two Gary Lynch's on the system." "Yes. I know" I replied.

This isn't actually the first time this has happened to me. A number of years ago I had a phone call from the hospital booking an appointment to have a brain scan. At the time I had been suffering from a lot of headaches and I couldn't quite understand how the hospital knew about this but after a few minutes of confused conversation it became apparent it wasn't my head they wanted to scan.
Tuesday, 23 March 2010

PostHeaderIcon Pixies - Isle of White Festival 2009

Was watching some Pixies vid's on YouTube and stumbled upon this rendition of Monkey from the Isle of White Festival last year. It's the one where I can be seen drunk as hell singing at the top of my voice in the front of the crowd! If you spot me then you'll clearly see just how awesome I thought their set was.

Just spotted myself at the start of this one too!
Friday, 5 February 2010

PostHeaderIcon This Blog is Dead, Long Live This Blog

No sooner had I said that this blog was going to get updated more often then Google went and put a bloody spanner in the works. You see, I use Google's Blogger platform to maintain this blog but then publish it to my own web server rather than have Google host it for me. Doing it this way allows me to customise it in ways that I couldn't if Google hosted for me. But now Google have decided to stop supporting the publishing to other servers and from the end of March all Blogger blogs will have to be hosted on Google's servers. This blog will not work on Google's servers because there is just too much server-side scripting embedded in it.

So I am left with a few choices, either ditch Blogger in favour of some other blogging platform, recreate the site in such a way that it will work with Blogger or do it all manually. Whichever option I choose it is going to cause me a tremendous amount of work to get it fully working. Damn you Google.

Anyway I think I've decided to stick with Blogger, there are some advantages to doing so, it does mean though that over the coming weeks this blog may be offline or not quite working as it should but hopefully in the end it'll be all the better for it.

This blog has now been almost completely moved over to a Blogger hosted solution. There are still a few issues I need to sort out but at least I'm back in business.
Sunday, 24 January 2010

PostHeaderIcon Probably the Worst Chinese Restaurant in Wales?

Since publishing this review there have been a number of complaints that my comments were both rude and an unfair portrayal of certain parts of Caerphilly society. On reflection I agree with some of their points and so have decided to remove it in the interest of keeping the peace.
Tuesday, 19 January 2010

PostHeaderIcon Time to Blow the Dust Off Things

About a year ago I wrote that this blog didn't get updated enough and and in future I'd make an effort to write more often. Well that turned out to be bollocks didn't it? To be honest 2009 was a strange year for me and not very conducive to keeping this blog updated. After 16 years of being together, Emma and I split up and I wasn't in the best frame of mind to contribute to this frivolity. Anyways, that was then and this is now so I think it's time I started things back up again. Having said that I've actually got bugger all to say at the moment other than 'watch this space.'


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